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No one knows when and where one can get sad, depressed or anxious. There is no way to predict for sure what can cause anxiety disorder but mechanisms may help you handle anxiety that comes from life’s stressors. Here are some certain steps to help to reduce the impact of symptoms:
1. Exercise: Stay active. Take part in activities that makes you joyous and make you feel good about yourself. Enjoy social and family get-togethers and caring relationships which can lessen your worries.
2. Meditation.

3. Relaxation exercises, including deep breathing.

4. Good sleeping habits.

5. Healthy diet.

6. Learn interpersonal skills for dealing with difficult people and situations or get parenting skills training for help dealing with your children

7. Get early help: Anxiety like other mental health disorders can be harder to treat if you delay the treatment. 

8. Avoid company of people who use/misuse alcohol and drugs. Alcohol or drug use can cause or worsen anxiety. Stop taking them or take help to quit them if you have a habit of consuming such things.

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