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Homeopathic Medicines for Anxiety:
Aconite: Terror, anxiety, agonizing fear, restless, excited, nervous, impatient. Great FEAR, anxiety, worry accompany every ailment however trivial. With fear; screams, moans, gnaws fists, bites nails, wants to die. Inconsolable anxiety, piteous wailing, vexation about trifles. Fears death, believes that he will soon die, predicts the day. Fear of future, of crowds, crossing the streets, of touching others passing by, of narrow places, of earthquake. Terror stricken. Great timidity afraid in the dark.

AMYLENUM NITROSUM: Mental symptoms from emotional excitement. Fear something will happen and cannot sit still. Anxiety in the region of the heart during climacteric period, better in open air. Confidence want of, self. Mental insecurity. Sadness. 

Argentum Nitricum: Acute or chronic diseases from unusual or long continued mental exertion. Great apprehension, especially when getting ready for church, opera, examination, etc. Any engagement and at that time diarrhoea sets in. Dreads ordeals. It is a good remedy for examination funk. Fear to be late. impulsive, wants to do things in a hurry. Unexplainable, foolish impulses. Time passes slowly. Great fear of projecting buildings on street corners, which creates a sensation as if it would fall over him. Sight of height makes him dizzy. Suicidal tendency prevails when crossing, or on high places or bridge, or looking out through a window. The impulse comes on him to jump down from it. Anxiety about health; when alone, ameliorated in company. Claustrophobia. Superstitious. 

Arsenic Album: Insecurity. Anxiety. Weakness. Restlesness, cannot relax, anxious. Fear of being alone, robbers, and poverty. Fear of death, comes at the later stage of disease, thinks it useless to take medicine, disease is incurable. Worry things will go wrong, anxiety for others. Anxiety. Highly sensitive. Anguish. Anxiety about health. Later despair of recovery. Insecurity, feels vulnerable in an unsafe world. Mixture of depression and irritation.

Baryta Carb: Extreme shyness. bashful, cowardly. Children hide behind mother. Children don't play, just stare, have no friends. Fear strangers, stay in family. Aversion to strangers, shuns and avoids strangers and unfamiliar faces. Beclouded mind, mistrustful. Jealousy in children causing enuresis, colds, hiding, etc. Thinks one is being laughed at and made fun of, thinks all visitors laugh at him. Slow, inept, BACKWARD. Delayed development. Slow learning to talk, walk. Suspicious that people are talking about her. Censorious, critical. Childish behaviour, needs reassurance. Easily influenced. Childishness in old people. Senility. Silly. Abnormal concern over his appearance, tries to look perfect. Neat, perfect in dress (conscientious). Lack of self confidence especially concerning own body, fears to undertake anything. Irresolution in acts, in projects, about trifles. Extreme difficulty in making any decision. Dependent in relationships, easily suppressed Sense of inferiority.

Causticum: Melancholy mood, sad, hopeless from care, grief, sorrow. Weepy, the least thing makes the child cry. Insanity after suppressed skin eruptions. Anxious forebodings (felt in head) < twilight. Fear that something bad will happen. Fears dark, dogs or other animals, ghosts.

Coffea Cruda: Wakefulness and improved alertness. Oversensitive to all stimuli. Over-reactive. Restlessness. Insomnia. Excitement of mind:, ecstatic state. Bad effects from joy or surprise, or strong emotions. Bad effects of sudden emotions, surprise, joy ,etc. Weeping from delight; alternate laughing and weeping. All ill effects of fear, fright, disappointed love, over fatigue, excessive.  Unusual activity of mind and body. Weeps, laments and tosses about over trifles. Now joyous, now gloomy. Resents sympathy.

Natrum Ars.: Indifference; apathy. Delusions, imaginations, working against time, that he has done wrong; neglected his duty; he is light, immaterial. Frightened easily. Despair. Fear of people. Nervous restlessness at night after midnight, l a.m.; 3 a.m. cannot sit still without great effort. Mental exertion aggravate. Anger from contradiction. Conscientious about trifles.

Veratrum Album: -Hyperactive, restless, disobedient, haughty, rude, critical. Cannot bear to be left alone, yet persistently refuses to talk. Delusions of impending misfortunes. Delusions of religion and identity. Believes he is Christ, or a saviour, or a prophet, or that he is on a divine mission. Religious affections. Excessive praying. Precocity. Asks may questions. Mania with desire to cut and tear everything, especially clothes. Deceitful, never speaks truth. Feigns sickness. Melancholy. Brooding. Wants to commit suicide by jumping from window.

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