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Causes of Anxiety:
The exact cause of anxiety is not clear yet life experiences such as traumatic events may trigger anxiety disorder in people who are prone to anxiety.
1. Certain life events cause anxiety in daily life such as stress at work, stress from school, stress in personal relationships like marriage, financial stress, stress from emotional trauma,
2. Genetic traits can also be a factor.
3. Side effects of certain medicines.

4. Underlying health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, thyroid, respiratory disorders like COPD or asthma, IBS etc.

5. Withdrawal from alcohol or anti-anxiety medicines.

6. Drug misuse or withdrawal.

7. Rare tumors that produce certain fight or flight hormones.

Often doctors have difficult time determining which symptoms come from which causes. For example, a chest pain is a sign of heart disease in certain percentage of cases while in certain percentage it is from panic disorder or gastric disorder and not a heart-related condition.

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