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Risks of Anxiety
Following risk factors may increase the risk of anxiety disorder:
1. Personality: Certain personality types are more prone to anxiety than others such as who have a history of suppressed emotions, dominating guardians, over strictness etc.
2. Stress Buildup: A gradual stress buildup for smaller events or any upcoming big event may trigger excessive anxiety.
3. Stress due to sickness: Having serious illness or any health condition can cause anxiety or worry regarding treatment and prognosis of the disease.
4. Trauma: People who

4. Trauma: People who have witnessed or endured traumatic events are at higher risk of developing an anxiety at any point in life. 

5. Mental health disorders: People with mental health disorders such as depression are at higher risk of suffering anxiety disorder.

6. Family history: Having a blood relative with anxiety disorder are more prone to suffer from anxiety disorder.

7. Alcohol or Drugs: Its use, misuse or withdrawal can cause or worsen anxiety.

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